Independent unemployment insurance fund during the coronavirus situation

See the new guidelines during the coronavirus situation

On March 12, 2020, new guidelines came from the government. The guidelines are:

  • you are not required to look for a job or be available for the job market    
  • you must not attend meetings, neither at the job center nor at the independent unemployment insurance fund   
  • you will not receive offers of activation, wage subsidy jobs or company internships    
  • you will not be penalized for failure to attend meetings or to be unavailable for the job market

Other conditions during the corona situation are:

  • We pay as usual
  • We cancel meetings that are already booked
  • We still recommend that you apply for a job

More about the conditions during the corona situation
If you have just become unemployed or is going to be due to COVID-19

You must register for the job via and create your resume.

You must also submit a unemployment declaration to us via My DEF so that we can process your application.

How to contact us

You can still contact us by calling (+45 33 29 70 00 ) og via Mit DEF. Do not show up at the local offices.

We look after our employees and have arranged that the vast majority of people can take care of their work from home.