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Welcome to the Danish Union of Electricians

The Danish Union of Electricians is the trade union for the electrical industry and has 11 local branches.

In one sense we are a classical trade union as our core activities are the same as they have been since we were founded for more than a 100 years ago - ensuring the best wages and working conditions for the electricians in Denmark.

It means that we mostly still are working with:

  • Wages, industrial dispute procedures and collective bargaining
  • The working environment, health and safety at the workplace
  • Training and education and the assessment of skills and qualifications
  • Labour market policies, employment services and unemployment insurance.

However, the fact that we are a classical trade union does not imply that we are an old-fashioned trade union. The slogan of our Congress in 2006 was The Will to make Things New. This means that rank-and-file members as well as elected and appointed officials together are developing the union so that it can match the present-day and the future demands of a modern trade union.

As the first trade union in Denmark we have developed and introduced a job-multimeter which makes it possible for all the members of the union to type their skills and qualifications profile into a database which automatically compares their profile with the industry’s present-day and future requirements. As a member you will be directed to relevant further training and education programmes and there is also a job seeker’s module, so that a member can easily obtain an overview of vacant positions.

We publish a wide range of specialised technical manuals and arrange meetings around technical themes all over the country.

We are present when education and in-service training for electricians is being developed.

We are involved in strong and independent youth work.

We are a democratically structured trade union and the members are able to exert influence on the development and policies of the trade union and the local branches through participating in different activities and in the branch’s annual general meeting.

The Danish Union of Electricians organises approx. 30,000 electricians, service engineers electro-engineers and others with technical training. Our members are working in all sectors of the electrical industry: industrial automation, supply plants, domestic appliances and refrigeration, security and alarm systems, elevators, electrical installations and aerials, IBI and CTS systems, satellite, telephone and data systems within the private as well as the public sector.

We also exert influence on legislation on labour market conditions as well as on the electrical industry; we are working to improve the working environment as well as the development of the electrical industry. We are seeking influence by way of collaborating with other trade union organisations, employers’ organisations, institutes of education and public authorities.

Internationally we are working together with other trade union organisations and participating in development and solidarity projects.

Therefore, we are not just a trade union in the classical sense, but the fulcrum for professional and trade union activities in the whole of the electrical industry. A trade union which bids you welcome and one in which you can be a part of its more than 100 years’ experience in the electrical industry.

Mr. Jørgen Juul Rasmussen
General Secretary